Sunday, May 13, 2012

Creating File System Task with SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

You can create SSIS package to perform file related operations like copy file or directory, create file or directory, delete file or directory, rename file etc. You just need to drag File System Task item from tool bar to control flow tab or simply double click on File System Task item from tool bar. Double click on File System Task item it will open editor dialog window. You can set source and destination connection properties based on selected file operation.  You can see below the list of various file operations available to perform with file system task.  

Below is the File System Task editor dialog which displays properties to be set to perform particular task. The available tasks for File System Task are displayed in above image.

As per selected operation, you need to specify source and destination connection or only specify source connection. You need to specify either existing connection or create new connection. Below is the new file connection dialog.

You can select usage type as create file, create folder, existing file or existing folder. Specify file name with folder location. After setting all the parameters, you can execute package and your selected file operation successfully completed.

Below is the video which explains how to create and execute file system task with different file operations.

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