Saturday, January 14, 2017

How to find and remove duplicate files in directory using C# code?

In today’s world It is common to have multiple similar images/videos in your computer and it takes lots of your disk space without your knowledge. I am inspired to write this article because I am getting lots of similar images, videos and documents in WhatsApp daily and it is very difficult for me to find duplicate files from directory. In this article, I’ll share C# code to find duplicate files from directory and also remove them.

Let’s look on below folder which contains multiple duplicate images. I want to find all duplicate images from this folder and delete them.

See below code to find and delete duplicate file from this folder.

Output -

As you can see duplicate files are deleted from your directory.

This programme can be used to delete any duplicate files like images, videos, documents etc.

I hope this code snippet helps you to find and remove duplicate files in your directory and make your life easy. Please leave your feedback in comments below.

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