Friday, September 30, 2011

How to install Windows8 Developer Preview in Virtualbox - Windows 8 first look

Microsoft has recently launched Windows 8 developer preview. You can find more information and videos about windows 8 here. I was excited to know what’s new in windows 8 so I have installed Windows 8 on Virtualbox and it's running well. So I would like to share my experience about Windows 8 and its  installation in this post.

Virtualbox is virtualization product and allows you to run multiple operating system at a time on your machine virtually. Virtualbox is freeware product available to home users. Please click on below links to know about virtualbox and download the same.

How to install Windows 8 in VirtualBox?

First download and install VirtualBox software and windows 8 developer preview from above mentioned link. Once VitualBox is installed you need to click on new button and follow the below screenshots to create new virtual machine.

After successful creation of virtual machine you can see Windows 8 Virtual machine is listed like in below image. Now you need to start that virtual machine by clicking on Start button. 

After that you have to select boot option (either DVD or USB) or need to provide ISO file to boot the virtual machine. I selected an iso file to boot my virtual machine. Once virtual machine is boot from ISO file you need to provide all the required information to install the windows 8 as an when asked.
In my case when I stated installation it was showing me some binary values as an error after first restart while installing windows 8. The reason was the Virtualization was disabled in my BIOS settings of my machine. So make sure that Virtualization is enabled from BIOS (if available).

Once your installation complete, you can see below first image of windows 8. I haven’t explored all the new features of windows8 as of now but will share in future when I complete exploring it. I would like to show you some images of windows 8 new features which I liked very much.


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